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Dark Heresy DCS 1st Edition

4.99 usd

Digital Character Sheet app for Warhammer 40,000 - Dark Heresy™ First Edition.-----------------------------This app is for the 1st edition of Dark Heresy. It is not compatible with the 2nd Edition. If you are using the 2nd Edition, please use our other App (Dark Heresy DCS 2nd Edition)-----------------------------
The app offers players a simple and convenient way of managing their characters and serves as a digital character sheet with many advantages over its paper-based counterpart including comprehensive character generation analogous to the game's Source Book.
- comprehensive character generation analogous to the procedure illustrated in the Source Book- automated calculation of all skills including advancements and temporary effects- a digital dice roll system including threshold calculation- inventory system for all of the Acolyte's gear- searchable database for talents, psychic powers, weapons, gear, armour and ammo- database includes the core rulebook- unlimited character slots for Dark Heresy Acolytes- character cloud and file backup- combat actions- personal initiative tracker- path planning for your characters advancements